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Sphairos, как насчет ответить на мое последнее письмо?
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Обязательно, чуть попозже.
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Ок, буду ждать.
"Transactional leadership is based on a transaction or exchange of something of value the leader possesses or controls that the follower wants in return for his/her services.
Many leaders in our world help form and control mankind. Leadership is a complicated trait as different methods can be used to gain followers. Leaders with all their efforts must appeal in a manner that benefits and interests their supporters. In like manner, Transformational leadership is the ability of a leader to get people to do more than they originally expected to do in support of large-scale innovation and change. It contains four key components: charisma or idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation and individualized consideration. Specifically, a Transformational leader set examples to be emulated by their followers. On the contrary, a Pseudo-Transformational leader acts, but has no intention of sacrificing their self-interests for goods of others. Accordingly, they may be manipulative and deceiving. Sure enough, Transformational leaders are more effective than Pseudo-transformational leaders since they encourage others to voluntarily change their behaviors through their idealized influence, intellectual stimulation and inspirational motivation."
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